The agency space is hard, especially for its leaders.

Helping your team close more business, retain more customers, have less stress, and make better decisions.

Bespoke support for teams

Every business is different. 

We first come in and look at key metrics you are looking to improve – then work with the key stakeholders involved to look at significantly moving the needle.

What you get:

We’d love to have a quick call to explore if this is right for you.

Our offer is simple:

The only downside is a little bit of time to see if it works.

But when you consider the upside of a happier, more impactful team we hope you join the other businesses who have brought our coaches in…

What makes us different? The psychology of subtraction:

Most coaches take an additive approach.

They give people lots of new tools, techniques and tricks to remember, to be OK.

This doesn’t work when people are busy, stressed, overwhelmed and have lots of noise in their heads. 

We help people drop out of a busy mind and get into the zone. 

From this flow state, they can have clarity, make better decisions and get results. 


People that work with us:

“To say it was transformational is an understatement.”
Holly Tennock, Exited Founder
Holly Tennock
Exited Agency Founder, Journalista, UK
“I have less anxiety, more energy, more awareness and more productivity.”
Adam Rubins, Exited Founder
Adam Rubins
Exited Agency Founder, Way To Blue, UK
"I immediately made changes in my life that made me feel so much better"
Sabrina Chevannes
Founder, Complex Creative & N0BS, UK

Clinically proven yet completely unknown in the B2B world

Over the past 6 years, Reconnect has helped numerous founders and executives reliably unlock their optimal mindset whenever they need it. 

It’s not just Reconnect, several programs deploying this approach have helped people in much more dire situations with equally unified results. 

From hardened criminals in UK jails to children in schools, this proven approach delivers all the mental health benefits without any of the classical downsides.

Want to discover more?

As you’ve read this far, we hope you’ll jump on a call to learn more and see if our offer of supporting your team – for free – until there’s a clear ROI makes sense.