Reconnect weekends

A space to Reconnect & Refuel, to start to make a lasting change in your life

Reconnect Weekends offer you a luxury space to Reconnect and Refuel. 

If you’d like to make a lasting change in your life, the time is NOW. 

From a Reconnect Weekend you will walk away with:

– Fresh ideas and energy for yourself, your business and your loved ones

– New perspectives on life that enable you to live your life in flow

– A network of business leaders facing similar challenges to you

– A better understanding about the nature of the human experience.

Reconnect and refuel to start to live in the now

MAke a lasting change 

“It’s been incredible. The big thing I’ve realised is the relationship with my thinking. I’m in a place now where I can go back into a busy business life, but handle stress and thinking around stress in a much better way. I’ve met some incredible people and I’ll certainly be coming back.”


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You don't have the time, or your personal commitments won't allow you to go?

When will they? There is no right time but NOW. Your most impactful ideas and inspired action come from instants when you are relaxed and clear-headed. Those are worth countless days of drilling away at the usual.

What have others said about Reconnect Weekends?

“It was a perfect weekend experience and total harmony. The Refuel sessions helped us to start the day, relax, relieve tensions in our bodies. The handpan music was perfectly adjusted to what we did – it’s a very sensible way of combining music and sports. The combination of the (Reconnect and Refuel) sessions, the people, the scenery, the whole feeling was a perfect way of having an experience which can really make a strong change in your life if you keep to the wisdom of what's being said. It is another way of realising the simple fact of what the meaning of life is and how to live the moment.”
Business owner in the music industry
"I didn't know what to expect when I decided to come on this weekend. I discovered some new things like maybe all human beings are looking for a way for finding their wellbeing. And finding it, I discovered, can be very easy. It's part of doing less, just trusting, thinking nothing and letting everything get into its natural flow. I think I have achieved that and I am very grateful".
Juan, Senior Software Designer

Give yourself the time to reconnect and refuel

Connect with other business leaders

Reconnect Weekend Ingredients

Our dynamic, coaching-led conversations help you gain insight, ideas and fresh perspectives on elements of your life that you feel are out of balance or lacking in purpose, so that you can feel more fulfilled and make the most of your talent. We will also provide support to help you stay reconnected and energised after the Reconnect Weekend.

Our brand new exercise concept injects fresh energy into your workout by combining classical music with exercise. Enjoy a workout session designed by our experienced personal trainers, accompanied by classical music. Music and exercise have been proven to have a number of amazingly beneficial effects on both body and mind – Refuel magnifies these by combining the two in a brand new way.

To help you reconnect to the place where life takes place – the now. Everything else, past and future, is purely imagination. Meditation is one of the greatest tools for clarity of mind and better performance.

Feel energised, motivated, and inspired by meeting new people in a ‘traveller’ environment, away from your routine lifestyle and day-to-day repetitive conversations. Enjoy new conversations with like-minded people to gain new perspective, inspiration and connections.

Reconnect Weekends give you the space to get insight on your life in a beautiful and stimulating environment for your mind and body. All rooms are private rooms with  an ensuite bathroom. 

All food is included, consisting of delicious, fresh dishes. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also on offer to enjoy. 

The next Reconnect Weekend takes place from Friday 26th April to Monday 29th April 2024, in a luxurious Norfolk manor on the UK’s beautiful coast.

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