The Discovery

woke up Monday morning in a muddle and a sweat

There was something I’d forgotten that I couldn’t place just yet

We’d won the pitch on Friday, we’d celebrated hard

I’d remembered our anniversary, I’d even bought a card

I’d written the presentation for the latest client brief

I’d made the kids’ appointments for their hair, their eyes, their teeth

The monthly bills were settled, the fridge was looking full

I’d even done my part in volunteering at the school

My mum’s birthday was next week, my dad’s the month before

I’d fixed the car, I’d messaged friends, I’d planned all this week’s chores.


With effort I got out of bed, my head began to spin 

What was it that had slipped my mind, that made me feel so grim?

I struggled through a shower as I tried to rack my brain 

I’m usually so organised, the top of every game 

I’m known for my great memory, my ability to shine

Which makes it all the harder that I somewhere failed this time

I looked then at the mirror, I wiped the mist away

I need at least to look good when inside I feel this way 

And as I looked, I gasped, then laughed, as suddenly I could see

The thing that I’d forgotten was to truly take care of me.

Reconnect Poem

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