About Us

Founders Joanna & Emma

Emma is a successful transformative coach, Joanna is a marketeer and the founder of Refuel Live Music Fitness.

After jumping out of parachutes in Australia and New Zealand on their gap years, Joanna and Emma got the travel bug. 

The “bug” is actually a helpful pet. One that shows you the inestimable life value of jumping out of routine to visit different places with fresh air, conversation, people, activities and cultures.

Travelling is like discovering a new song that you absolutely love.


Joanna and Emma Davis from Reconnect Weekends have experience in Coaching, fitness, marketing, training and more
Joanna and Emma are both singers and musicians and believe in the power of music to energise, motivate and inspire.

Our Why

After coaching people for a few years, Emma realised that sometimes the best intentions and willpower are not enough. There are times when we just need time out. We need to have the chance to have those same, meaningful reflections and conversations in a completely different environment. With different people, where we can also be ourselves and do what we want in each moment. Or we will continue being and doing more of the same in our lives, masked as something new.

As a transformative coach, Emma has been on numerous retreats which have been highly beneficial, yet she felt each time that something more accessible, flexible and fun was missing. When Joanna created Refuel for the wellbeing of body and mind, Emma and Joanna brainstormed how they could help people to get all the benefits of time out, coaching, travelling and music. Reconnect was born.

Our Experience - Coaching, fitness and more

Joanna Rothfahl-Davis

Joanna is a qualified fitness trainer, marketeer, events-organiser and musician.

In 2017, Joanna founded Refuel Live Music Fitness in Berlin. Refuel brings together live music with full body workouts for the benefit of both body and mind.

Joanna’s mission is for you to experience and enjoy fitness in a brand new way, as a key part of the whole Reconnect Weekend experience.


Emma Claire Davis

Emma is a transformative coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and singer. She’s coached, mentored and trained hundreds of professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Volvo, Airbus, Meliá, KPMG and Santander. In 2017 her published book with 13 other co-authors “Haz Lo Que Temas Hacer” (Do What You Fear To Do) won an editorial prize for the best personal development book in Spain. 

Emma is the co-founder and president of a non-for-profit public speaking and leadership club “Paulachinglish”, part of Agora Speakers International. She has been coached by the internationally renowned inside-out coach, Michael Neill, and trained in the inside-out understanding by a top Spanish transformative coach, Juan José Quesada.

Emma’s mission is for you to reconnect with all the aliveness and potential inside of you, and for you to create whatever you truly desire.

Our beliefs