Birds Flying High

Birds flying

At our reconnect weekend in February last year in Spain, we were in the middle of a group session when suddenly hundreds of birds flew directly past the window. We were high up, so at the same level as the birds were flying.  We were speechless, no one there had seen anything quite like that … Read more

What if we could trade our own energy?

Trading our own energy

Have you ever wondered how much your energy, when at the top of its game, could go for on the open market?  Imagine if you were feeling on top of the world, with your energy level through the roof, but actually you were just off on holiday so didn’t need that kind of energy for … Read more

How Many Demons Jump On You Per Day?

Close to death, the man began to see demons on the wall. Occasionally they would jump onto his bed, making him feel as he were being crushed, as if the entire world were closing in on him… I wonder at what point he stopped seeing the demons to pass over naturally to wherever we go … Read more

That’s Not My Rainbow

In the middle of the heavy grey sky a streak of rainbow hangs down, like a multicoloured still tornado. It looks in at me from outside and bathes my washing-machine mind in colourful space. Sometimes we’re so stubborn about our dear stories about ourselves and our lives that we refuse to appreciate the rainbows that … Read more


In Spanish there’s an expression: “La vida da muchas vueltas”. I’d translate that as “Life is full of surprises”. You never know what is going to happen or how something will turn out. That’s why, as much as we try to plan, predict, control and manipulate, life always has its own plans for us. Some … Read more

When Rights Ruin the Party

Nobody has the right to a beautiful sunset. It’s just part of this insanely precious world. How we speak about things is a reflection of the reality that we believe to be true. We feel that we have the “right” to something because of a reality that we have invented. I’m not saying we shouldn’t … Read more

What if it Goes Pear-Shaped?

I’m lying in bed thinking about what the “right thing” to do is. First mistake. The free-flowing spontaneous energy in my body has gravitated towards my head and now I’m all tense. If a “right thing” could be found in the world of logic, that might even be justifiable. But trying to think up a … Read more

When Life Gives You a Good “Doing”

I thought my life was over. That I’d failed one too many times. As I pulled the covers up around my neck, my mind literally flew outside of my body. I couldn’t focus on any individual thoughts other than “what’s the point?” and feel sick from an overdose of reality. That night, I didn’t sleep. … Read more

Conversations with Apathy

The flip side of enthusiasm, passion and energy is apathy. Over the past couple of months I have experienced apathy on and off. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, this can be a scary experience. Especially if you are “the type of person” who is usually bounding around with limitless energy. The … Read more

Changing Your Circumstances Often Won’t Do It

Yesterday I sat by the turquoise sea and watched the clear waves fold over by the shore. The rhythmic woosh of the water filled my ears, along with chattering and playing.  It should have been an idyllic moment. It was for a few seconds – absolute bliss. Then, suddenly, a state of uneasiness came over … Read more