What if it Goes Pear-Shaped?

I’m lying in bed thinking about what the “right thing” to do is. First mistake. The free-flowing spontaneous energy in my body has gravitated towards my head and now I’m all tense. If a “right thing” could be found in the world of logic, that might even be justifiable. But trying to think up a … Read more

When Life Gives You a Good “Doing”

I thought my life was over. That I’d failed one too many times. As I pulled the covers up around my neck, my mind literally flew outside of my body. I couldn’t focus on any individual thoughts other than “what’s the point?” and feel sick from an overdose of reality. That night, I didn’t sleep. … Read more

Our songwriter within


Have you ever tried to write a song? If you haven’t yet, give it a try. There’s something very therapeutic about expressing yourself with not only words but music as well. Music can add a whole new meaning to words, meaning that you didn’t even realise was there. Start with a tune in your head … Read more

The Magnificence Of Music

The Magnificence Of Music

Music makes us happyIt can also make us sadAs it conjures up old feelingsThat we wish we’d never had Music gives us powerIt can also calm us downAs we look to lose the stressesOf the things that made us frown Music makes us moveIt can also make us stopAnd listen to the sweetest notesFrom the … Read more