How much do we move in a day? Our fitness trackers give us a pretty good idea.  

How much should we move in a day? Our minds have a pretty good idea, we just don’t always listen to them.

Why is this? Why is it we are generally good at looking out for the needs of others, but when it comes to ourselves, we’re often neglectful?

If we have a dog, we know it needs fresh air and exercise, so we take it out every day to ensure it gets what it needs. We offer adequate food and water; we give it countless cuddles.

Or our children: we take them out to the playground to burn off excess energy, we rave about the benefits of sleep; we give them countless cuddles.

Even our partners or friends when they’re feeling under the weather or down: we ask if they’ve drunk enough water, we recommend they go for a walk, we give them countless cuddles.

But what about ourselves? 

We’re definitely getting better at identifying our needs as we become more conscious of both our mental and physical health in times such as these. But do we really give our body and minds everything they need in each moment? 

Do we burn off enough energy so that we can sleep well at night? 

Do we refuel ourselves with good food and water when our energy stores get low? 

Do we reconnect with our younger selves, to remember the benefit of countless cuddles in feeling safe and loved, to ensure we still seek out embrace when we need it?

I’m sure some of us do, some of us don’t. But we’d all feel much better if we did. 

And we’re definitely worth it.  

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