KitKat Knew All Along

KitKat knew it years ago. Ok they were trying to sell more chocolate bars but actually if we all stuck to their advice we’d be better off for it.

A break can be nothing but positive when it comes to a break from negative thought cycles. Whether it’s negative thoughts about ourselves, about others or about a situation, we need to take a break. And that break needs to turn into more breaks, more often, until those negative thoughts are so few and far between that they can barely touch us or those around us. 

Negative thoughts cause negative consequences and can only do harm. But the amazing thing is we’re in control. We can stop the harm we’re doing to ourselves or others by deciding the narrative needs to be broken. 

Have a break from feeling sorry for yourself. 

Have a break from taking your negative thoughts out on others. 

Then let that break become the norm. 

And if you need to buy a cupboard full of KitKats in order to remind yourself to do so there’s no harm in that.

Just don’t eat them all at once ;). 

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