When You Are Afraid Remember This…

You are never alone. The tree of love that grows from inside of you is with you always. 

You are never lost. You are connected to the real-time collective wisdom in this dimension and beyond. If you don’t know what to do right now, you will do. 

Time is an illusion. If you panic about the passing of time, you are missing the truth that you can only live intensely right now.

The story in your mind that torments you is just a story. The future and past do not exist.

The pain is temporary. Trust enough to float along the river; happier feelings will come. 

You are not your thoughts. Don’t feel guilty for thinking terrible things. They go as they came. 

You are much more than any idea you have about yourself. Guilt, regret and worry stem from a false belief that “you” and “your life” are what you think about them, and how you think they “should be”. 

Intuition is always now. You will have fresh insight in “the future”, so you’ll deal with it then. 

Your body is always taking care of you. Listen to it and allow it to do its job. 

You are endlessly creative. Your experience of life is endlessly colourful. It is being produced moment to moment by your energy and consciousness, NOT by the circumstances/situation/your personality etc. 

Death is not what you think it is. Don’t torment yourself by thinking about something that is beautiful, natural, transformational, but cannot be intuitively understood by the human intellect. 

It’s not that serious. Our strange species is hilarious. Laugh at yourself for the big, worried frown on your face and go and watch your favourite comedy, sing or exercise to that emotional music, chat with a friend, do a spontaneous chicken-dance around your room…

When you are afraid, you don’t have to remember anything. You don’t need anything nor anyone to be a particular way. 

Just feel the fear in your body and express it in the way that makes sense to you in the moment. 

Knowing that deep down you are always OK. Your children and loved-ones too. 

Right. I’m off to chicken-dance. 

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