Beyond Loss

Two days ago I walked away from a flat that I have absolutely loved living in. As I left the keys in the hall and shut the door, it felt like losing my little refuge.

Half an hour later I was rustling through some bags in my storage room, trying to find the remote control to my speakers. Not there. Another one bites the dust. Never mind.

I have “lost” countless times in my life. I’ve lost phones, presents, entire albums of meaningful photos, homes… people. Games. Quizzes. Dreams. Inner competitions in my mind.


I now see this:

Every loss silently holds hands with its fellow gain.

You don’t see loss’ partner in crime (Gain) immediately, as loss often feels brutal.

But Gain is waiting patiently. The dearer that which you lose, the greater the gain.

The greatest gain is to realise that you cannot lose the only thing that actually matters: Being able to love and experience every instant fully.

Love + your experience of life is an inside job.

In the face of that fact, what you lose and gain is ultimately irrelevant.

Yeah, I know that’s a hard one to swallow. Yet, the moments that I’ve caught a mere glimpse of that, everything has seemed to make sense.

You might be kicking and screaming inside because life isn’t going how you think it should, as I often am.

But, life always knows better.

And it doesn’t give a damn about the remote control for my speakers or whether I’m physically in one place or another.

Home is right here:

In that metaphorically vibrant place called “inside”.

You can reconnect with that in any moment. And on some level it’s as simple as this:

The less you or I try to desperately work it all out, the more everything just has a funny old way of working itself out.

Loss and gain walk on, hand in hand.

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