That’s Not My Rainbow

In the middle of the heavy grey sky a streak of rainbow hangs down, like a multicoloured still tornado. It looks in at me from outside and bathes my washing-machine mind in colourful space. Sometimes we’re so stubborn about our dear stories about ourselves and our lives that we refuse to appreciate the rainbows that … Read more

Conversations with Apathy

The flip side of enthusiasm, passion and energy is apathy. Over the past couple of months I have experienced apathy on and off. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, this can be a scary experience. Especially if you are “the type of person” who is usually bounding around with limitless energy. The … Read more

KitKat Knew All Along

KitKat Thinking

KitKat knew it years ago. Ok they were trying to sell more chocolate bars but actually if we all stuck to their advice we’d be better off for it. A break can be nothing but positive when it comes to a break from negative thought cycles. Whether it’s negative thoughts about ourselves, about others or … Read more

‘Time Out’ Once Looked Different

Time out

A few months ago, ‘time out’ looked different. A few months ago, time out was a weekend away, a summer holiday, a relaxing yoga trip, a Reconnect weekend. A few months ago, time out was a feeling of inner calm, excitement and regeneration.  A few months ago, time out was taken for granted….. ‘Time out’ … Read more