Is it possible NOT to burnout?

When we started on our Reconnect Weekends journey we were so excited to be planning an outlet for busy people to take that all important time out. All around us people seemed to be burning out; successful, ambitious, strong people, people we never would have expected could be vulnerable to the threat of burnout.

But it’s exactly these people we realised were the most at risk. Because of the pressure of sustaining success. Because of the pressure of the goals they set themselves. And because being strong they often ignore their vulnerabilities. We ourselves can also identify with these attributes.

When you’re constantly competing with other successful businesses, with colleagues, even with friends, is it even possible NOT to burnout?

To quote the philosopher Sydney Banks: ‘Our thoughts are the camera, our eyes are the lens. Put them together and the picture we see is reality’.

We can definitely start on another path that doesn’t lead to burnout by:

  • altering our thinking,
  • connecting with others who are facing similar problems,
  • reconnecting with what is really important to us.

We like to think of Reconnect Weekends as a gateway to this path – an unlocked entrance to a brand new way of thinking and reconnecting, that can lead to a whole new reality. Is it possible NOT to burnout? Join us on a Reconnect Weekend and let’s find out together.



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