The End of the End

What struck me here in Spain was that we became most desperate to “get out” of lockdown when we found out we’d be allowed out in a few days’ time.

We’re frantic for an end. An end to lockdown, an end to the virus, an end to our more persistent monsters. 

End is a human-invented concept. We swim around uncomfortably in the now because it doesn’t follow the script. 

The script is also made up; the now too. 

There’s only you and life (which is the same thing). Are we so frantic for life to end?

It cannot. Life goes on, regardless of what we think. 

I know. It is really tough not being able to hug loved-ones.

And you know this: We love no less when we do not hug. 

Even those who have moved on from this life. 

At least we have been able to continue conversations over this period. Mostly online, yes, but conversations just the same. At Reconnect we see conversations as one of the most powerful vehicles for transformation.

“I’m afraid of how all of this is going to turn out”. 

If someone had told you 6 months ago that you would be in lockdown for two months in the face of a serious virus, that people would be walking around wearing masks… you probably would have said that you wouldn’t be able to cope with that. 

And here you are. Here we are. 

One breastroke…front crawl (or doggy-paddle?! :P) move at a time. 

In fresh water.  

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