Energy is synonymous to life. 

There are energy-thieves disguised as energy-givers. 

Exploring the nature of our human experience as we do in our reconnect conversations, has helped me to spot those. 

The number one thief is the idea that there is only ONE WAY to have greater energy levels. 

We are constantly sold the notion that there are one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Understanding how our experience works, shows me more and more that only YOU can know what is right for you in any given moment. 

Yes, other people’s guidance can help you. But only if you feel naturally attracted to that guidance – if it rings a bell of truth that resonates in your body. 

As soon as you find yourself thinking “I HAVE TO do THIS or else X”, you are giving your energy away to excess mental activity that disguises itself as illusory control. 

There is nothing you HAVE to do ever. All the rules, problems and solutions have been invented by human beings. In your case, by you. 

This leads me to a second thief, which is the idea that you HAVE TO have high energy levels as much as possible in order to be productive in the world. 

Part of having high energy levels is having low energy levels; this is why we sleep, why relaxing is so natural to us, why breaks are so refreshing… 

If you give higher importance to your idea of what productivity should look like (often long hours, lots of “to dos” ticked off and adrenalin) than to listening to the natural intuition of your body, you are likely to crash and burn at some point.  

Yet, the third thief is the sneakiest. I have been tricked by it many-a-time on my so-called personal development or spiritual path. When you feel like you have understood something KEY about your psychological-spiritual-biological nature and you solidify it into a fixed, unmovable, intellectual concept that you cling to. This blocks you from your direct contact with that freshness away from all concepts and ideas. 

That freshness can be felt in any and every moment in your body. In conversation. Listening to music. Doing exercise. Doing exercise to live music as we do in our Refuel sessions. 

You can tell that it’s freshness because it feels like life, rather than sounding like a cool concept that you must strive to achieve.

YOU are energy. Intelligent energy. 

No energy-thieves can steal that ever. 

Listen to yourself.

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