At our reconnect weekend in February last year in Spain, we were in the middle of a group session when suddenly hundreds of birds flew directly past the window. We were high up, so at the same level as the birds were flying. 

We were speechless, no one there had seen anything quite like that before so close up. It was beautiful. One after another they flew in perfect formation, not seeming to question where they were going or why, just trusting in their knowing that it was what they needed to do in that moment.

As a few of us had been up in our heads before that moment, it was the perfect timing to remind us that we can be like those birds, if we just allow our beautiful wings to take over and trust that they will take us where we need to go at exactly the right time we need to go there.

It’s often in our day-to-day we miss such beautiful sights, with our heads in our phones or in the 100 ‘things’ we perceive that have to be done. But if we stop to look around and observe the nature around us, we really can learn a huge deal. After all, we are also nature, it’s just sometimes we forget how to really just be.

So go play in the trees today, look up at the sky and reconnect with what’s around you. I promise you it will be worth it.

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