Nothing That A Good Ole’ Conversation Can’t Cure

By a good ole’ conversation I mean a real one. Not small talk. Not trying to please. Not hiding yourself behind a false image.

A real conversation is when you are totally present, feeling, and open to being modified.

Control goes out the window. Time flies away too. You’re floating in the eternal now that feels so exhilaratingly liberating.

Creativity flourishes.

That type of conversation cures all mental struggle and suffering. The limits between you and the other person – or people – disappear, and you feel yourself part-author of their words, stories and emotions.

Of course, you don’t always fall into that state immediately. Impatient and insecure thoughts often open the play.

That doesn’t really matter though. Haven’t you had a conversation that’s gone from small talk to deep connection? Those are the most thrilling.

It’s easy to shy away from conversation. “I’m busy”. “I don’t feel like it”. “I’m an introvert”. “I don’t know them well enough”, “They’ll judge me”.

The perfect excuses to not get out and be exposed to a world beyond your current thinking – a world of connection and possibilities outside of your present reality.

In that type of conversation there are no rules.

That’s where the juice of life is.

On our Reconnect Weekends, the group connection in conversation is magical. Clarity and fresh ideas grow out of a space conversing authentically.

While a weekend away is ideal for this, you can get on board the spaceship of transformational conversation today:

Get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Have a conversation. Be spontaneous. Be real. Be open to anything happening. You might have a life-changing idea, you may just end up talking about the weather. Or……

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