Nothing That A Good Ole’ Conversation Can’t Cure

By a good ole’ conversation I mean a real one. Not small talk. Not trying to please. Not hiding yourself behind a false image. A real conversation is when you are totally present, feeling, and open to being modified. Control goes out the window. Time flies away too. You’re floating in the eternal now that … Read more

What Energy-Thieves Can’t Steal

Energy is synonymous to life.  There are energy-thieves disguised as energy-givers.  Exploring the nature of our human experience as we do in our reconnect conversations, has helped me to spot those.  The number one thief is the idea that there is only ONE WAY to have greater energy levels.  We are constantly sold the notion … Read more

The End of the End

What struck me here in Spain was that we became most desperate to “get out” of lockdown when we found out we’d be allowed out in a few days’ time. We’re frantic for an end. An end to lockdown, an end to the virus, an end to our more persistent monsters.  End is a human-invented … Read more

What Will Everybody Think?!

Everybody knows that the most beautiful people are more loved, successful people are constant waterfalls of money, and real women are thriving, working mothers. Everybody is the weapon I play with in low moments. Do you? What’s your Everybody like? I don’t care what other people think until I decide that Everybody will pity me … Read more

When You Are Afraid Remember This…

Tree of Love

You are never alone. The tree of love that grows from inside of you is with you always.  You are never lost. You are connected to the real-time collective wisdom in this dimension and beyond. If you don’t know what to do right now, you will do.  Time is an illusion. If you panic about … Read more

If Not This, Then What?

You can only create now

What will it take for you to listen to yourself if a pandemic won’t do it?  My first reaction of rage when I saw that everything was about to slow right down, turned quickly to silence.   If not this, then what?  My barely-started novel was still sitting there from when I got back from travelling … Read more

Objects Possessed by the Past

Crouched on the floor, I crumple up a piece of paper and toss it into the plastic sack. The cluttered room watches me, expectant. Perfume lingers in the air; I throw my head back as it seeps up my nose. My eyelids drop shut for a few seconds. I fall back onto the floor, legs crossed, as memories dance around my head.

What is a memory and why do we insist on hoarding objects that reek of the past?

Read moreObjects Possessed by the Past

How to Connect Better with Others

Connect better with others

“I don’t want to look stupid”. When you are more worried about your image than connecting with the people in front of you, you limit the value you can add to those people. Discerning people will perceive that a percentage of your brain is dedicated to conveying perfection and another percentage to the shame-guilt when … Read more

Feeling Demotivated? Do this

Feeling demotivated

This summer I have travelled alone to six different cities. For work and pleasure. I had forgotten how powerful it is to not go with a friend, partner or family. You will lie to yourself as I did: “I prefer to go with someone else, I like sharing experiences”. Of course you do! But here … Read more